Everything is Awesome Lego Sack

So, I don’t get a chance to make boy things very often, so of course, I was super excited to make a gift for a boys birthday party.  But then the excitement disappeared, and was replaced by questions.  What can I make that boys would like? Where am I going to get ideas from? (head explodes!)  After much googling and pinteresting, I remembered it was a Lego themed party!  Then I found the perfect thing to make!  A Lego Sack!   I found a great tutorial over at Make It Perfect.  As always if you need more info on the steps make sure the check out the tutorial.

Then I faced the daunting task of choosing which fabric to use from my stash.  My stash has a ton of pinks, purples and lots of girly stuff.  I did find a stack of basic solid colored fabric so I went with brown and blue. I folded my material in fours and then figured out how big I wanted my circle to be and settled on 32 inches, then added on an inch for seam allowances.  then from the point of the material I measured out 16.5 inches (half of 33) and made a curve all the way from side to side.  I then cut along that curve on the first one.  then I laid my cut out quarter circle on the other piece of fabric folded in fourths and cut out using the pre-cut one as a template.  This left me with 2 circle of the same size.




Next you will want to determine which color is going to be the inside and which is the outside.  I decided to make the brown on the inside.  I measured up 2 inches from the bottom and drew a line marking the bottom of my button hole (used for the draw string)  I then repeated that same 2 inches on the exact opposite side.  I used the button hole foot for my machine and set it to make a one inch button hole.  Since this was a gift for Chloe to give her friend, I let her control the foot pedal on my machine so she could say she sewed the button holes.  BTW she is very proud of her work!  After you make your button holes you will want to use your seam ripper to very carefully open up the holes.





Now that the buttonholes we in I laid the blue fabric on top of the brown and began pinning all the way around except for a 4 inch opening that will be used to turn it right side out later.  Chloe loves to help and I try my best to let her help where ever I can, in whatever way she is interested.  After I pinned it she had to double check my measurements.  LOL!  After it is all pinned and double checked then you’ll want to sew all the way around the circle with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  For this part I also let Chloe control the foot pedal.  This time it was a little more scary.  She liked to go slow like a turtle then fast like a rabbit at seemingly random intervals.  Overall it was fun and turned out pretty good.  Once sewn then clip the edges all the way around to reduce the bulk so the seam lays better, then turn right side out.





After it is turned you will want to press your seams flat all the way around and then fold in your opening and pin it closed.  Once all pressed and pinned top-stitch all the way around again 1/4 inch from the edge.  Now it’s time for a little helper again.  Now we measured 2.5 inches from the edge to just above the button hole and made the mark in several spots around the circle.  Following those marks we stitched around the circle with out biggest straight stitch (5.0) in order to encase the rope.  Chloe put the pedal to the metal again so it was not as perfect as it could be but was definitely made by her.




The last step is to feed your rope or ribbon or sting through the button holes.The safety pin trick totally works and makes this task so much easier.    I attached my safety pin to my para cord which I had already melted the edges of to prevent fraying and fed into a button hole.  I worked the string halfway around to the other button hole and pulled it out.  Next at the same button hole to first piece of string came out of you need to insert the second piece of string with the pin attached and feed halfway around to the other button hole.  Each button hole should have two separate pieces of sting coming out and you will tie those together.  You now have a drawstring bag.  YAY!





The great thing about this bag is that it works as a play surface for blocks, Lego’s, Pony’s or Barbie’s, and when the child is done playing they can just pick the bag up by the string and cinch it closed and off they go!  The mess is contained and cleaned super easy.  Now excuse me as I make a ton for for Chloe to use for her own toys along with a bunch for Christmas presents.