Pretty Little Monster!

OK, so this week is another softie but there are so many cute patterns out there and they are relatively quick and easy sews.

This weeks project was a birthday gift for one of Chloe’s friends.  Since this was a gift from her I let her pick out all the materials and the placement of the materials.  It was pretty tough for the mama who likes control over her sewing but Chloe reminded me to ‘let it go’ (eyeroll/sigh, the joys of a preschooler).  This pattern is one I have had Favorited for a while and is a FREE pattern.  Lisa Bunting Thoms of Q.D. Patooties is the author and you can find the pattern here.


So after I printed out the pattern and cut out the pattern pieces, I grabbed the rainbow flannel Chloe chose for the body and cut as the pattern directed.  Except I forgot to cut the back of the body pieces in reverse so they would connect correctly.  What should have been a simple re-cut was complicated by the fact I didn’t have enough material to do it, so instead I cut another piece on the fold and worked from there. I also drew the mouth, teeth, and eyeball freehand since it wasn’t on the pattern.




Next, I began working on the assembling the face details.  I pinned the teeth onto the mouth and sewed them down with a zig-zag stitch.


Chloe decided that she didn’t want a button for the eyeball, she wanted a googly eye instead.  So I first poked holes with my hand needle around the eye, then positioned the eye background piece on the body front of the monster and zig-zagged it on, then I hand sewed the eyeball through the holes using invisible thread (this stuff is evil but it makes things look so good).  the last step here was to attach the mouth, I wanted it a little crooked, but Chloe insisted on straight.



Next I grabbed my back piece and laid it on top of my front piece so the right sides are facing and pinned it together leaving a small opening at the bottom between the legs for turning the monster right side out.



I then sewed all the way using a 1/4 inch seam and made sure I remembered to leave the open area at the bottom.  I turned it right side out and made sure to push all the legs arms and ears out all the way and began stuffing with Poly-fill.  After the monster was all stuffed, I used a blanket stitch and hand sewed the bottom closed.


It was a pretty little monster and the birthday girl loved it and my daughter loved helping me sew and that she made a gift for her friend.  I think I could get used to a little helper at the sewing machine.  It was a lot of fun to collaborate with her.


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