Easy Breezy Balloon Birthday Invitations

So every year I try and find cool ideas for Chloe’s birthday party invites according to whatever theme she chose (or when she was younger, what I chose).  This year she wanted Rapunzel, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty party.  I told her she had to pick one and she told me Balloons.  Gotta love 3 going on 4 year olds.  They say and do the most random things sometimes and I can’t help but laugh.  For her first birthday I did a Rainbow theme, her second birthday was Minnie Mouse, and her third birthday was My Little Pony (which i didn’t design but fell in love with and had to have).

 Chloe 1st bday invite  chloe2ndinvite  chloe3rd birthdayinvite

So I came up with two ideas: blow up balloons and write party info on them then deflate and mail so they can be blown up to read the info; or cut out balloon shapes out of paper and sandwich them together with string in the middles and use the front and back for invite info.  I chose the latter, and it worked out really well.  I got this idea from Hello Bee and loved it for its simplicity.  October and November are really hectic for me, especially this year so simple and easy wins.  I did make a couple changes from the original tutorial that made things easier on myself.

I went to Pic Monkey and was hoping to find a balloon outline I could use and I was in luck, so I created my invite front and back in black and white.  On the front it says “Chloe is 4!” and on the back is the date/time/location.  I printed them in black and white so I could print them on construction paper in my printer.  I made the size a 4×6 and then cut the construction paper into 4×6 pieces.  I printed them all out and cut them out and all that was left was to assemble them.  Here is my template for the front, and if you print out your fronts then you can erase the front text and add your party info and you can make these too.

 Chloe 4th birthday front  20140930_160211-1

Then next step was to take cut pieces of twine about 6 inches long each.  Then I took my back part and flipped it over and attached the string to it and then made 4 tape balls and put the around the balloon.

 20140930_160303-1  20140930_161140-1

I then took the front part and stuck it down on the back part and that was it, one done 15 more to do.  Chloe picked out all the colors so there were a whole rainbow of balloons to mail out.



Stay tuned for more on the party decor and the cake as we near her birthday!


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