Upcycled Flying Squirrel

After working on the Rapunzel dress for a while, I needed a break.  I came across this super cute tutorial on Wild Olive for a flying squirrel.  The best part is that the pattern is free!  It seemed like the perfect thing to make to de-stress about Rapunzel’s dress.  The tutorial is excellent and even has links when it lists a more technical sewing term, like what a ladder stitch is.

I went to gather my materials and realized I don’t have any light grey fleece.  No worries though, I have this habit of saving old shirts to be reused for fabric if I like the material.  So I found this grey sweatshirt and the material was perfectly worn in and would make a nice, soft squirrel.  I love up-cycling, and it makes a project even sweeter when I am able to create something from something old and unused. I printed the pattern and then cut all the pieces needed out. 2 tails (one in reverse), two head pieces, two body pieces.  Out of felt I cut four legs, two ears and a nose.  Now in the tutorial it talks about using safety eyes, I didn’t have any so I used navy blue buttons.

IMG_0052Next I started assembly of the tail, right sides facing and pinned together.  I sewed all the way around except for the top of the tail.  I ten flipped it right side and lightly stuffed it with polyfill.

IMG_0054The next part of assembly was to put together the head.  First I needed to hand sew the details on the face.  I put the nose on first, then the two eyes and then sewed the mouth on using 4 strands of thread doubled up.  After I finished that I place the ears on and then put the back of the head with right sides facing and sewed it together all the way around.  The next step was to rip a small hole in the back of the head and stuff it tightly with polyfill.  After it’s stuffed I learned what a ladder stitch was and closed the hole using the my new skill.




The next step was to put the body pieces together right sides facing and making sure to put the tail and feet inside.  I forgot the tail until I had pinned it all together so I had to unpin, add it, and repin.  After I pinned it together I sewed all the way around except for three inches near the top which was used to turn it right side out after sewing and then ladder stitched the hole closed. I then placed the head on the body as indicated on the pattern which was not on the top but a little offset, and hand sewed with a ladder stitch all the way around the head.




 It turned out super super cute and I kinda don’t want to give it to my daughter, Chloe.  I think my husband would like it at work as a stress relief toy, it is so much fun to throw because it opens up just like a flying squirrel.  I took some pictures of it finished outside and then Chloe wanted to help me show it so she played with it and I took some fun pictures.



IMG_0070 IMG_0073


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