It’s Halloween Time (part 1)

Around the beginning of September I start working on Halloween costumes.  Ever since my daughter was born I have enjoyed making her costumes.  She has been a ballerina (2011), a lion (2012), and Fluttershy from My Little Pony (2013).

11 month Chloe (24)

The Pumpkin Patch 2012 (4)


All these costumes have been what i call ready made.  Meaning, I buy the main clothes like the sweatpants and hoodies and add on the details.  Although this year is different. This year she has decided she wants to be Rapunzel.  I am totally excited about making her princess dress, and I am doing it from scratch. My mom made me a couple princess dresses but none as cool as Snow White. I don’t have a copy of the picture but it was awesome!  Anyway, I am making sure to get an early start because I will be out of town for a wedding for 6 days the week before Halloween.  I usually procrastinate and wait til last minute, but since I am so excited I want to take my time and make it perfect for her just like my mom did for me.

Yesterday, my daughter and I decided how the dress should look and we drew it out together.  After she went to be a searched online for other peoples guides to help clue me in to what i need to buy and do.  I am not following anyone’s particular tutorial but bits and pieces and some of my own ideas all meshed together. Today I went to Hancock Fabrics with a particular idea in my head but came home with completely different materials which is typical me. I picked up 2 yards of Matte Satin (Clearance 70% off), 1/2 yard of pink glitter tulle, 1/4 yard white chiffon, 2 yards pink satin ribbon, 6 yards white lace trim, 1/2 yard 1/2 inch elastic, a zipper, and matching thread.  Total cost: $19.78!! I think the colors are perfect and will look great all together.


Now onto something totally new for me, drafting my own pattern pieces!  I’ve seen it done of several of my favorite craft blogs, it’s supposed to be easy, just take a shirt of the kids the fits right and trace it, then add a half inch seam allowance all the way around.  It was that easy but I had to think how I wanted to break it up.  The back of the bodice needs to be in 2 pieces so i can put in a zipper and then the front needs to be 1 piece that’s longer so I can insert the tulle in the center part.  The sleeves are puffy and I used the puff sleeve tutorial on as a kind of guide, I also used’s circle skirt tutorial for the bottom, I just cut that one normal and will figure out how to add the tulle as i get working.  Then to add the longer sleeve I just kinda cut a piece that will make a tube and fit her arm.

IMG_0249 IMG_0250

IMG_0251 IMG_0255

This is where I have stopped for now and will keep taking pictures as I go and when the dress is finished I will make another post detailing the rest of my process.


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